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I have always pretty much ignored Plesk as a control panel with the popularity of cPanel that is always what I have run. I have also switched a lot between hosting on VPS servers and shared hosting as different project requirements have dictated.

Today I have moved back to a VPS with Digital Ocean for flexibility in an upcoming project and selected Plesk as my control panel after hearing a fair bit about its WordPress tools and I have to say I am very impressed with it. By default it installs Apache and Nginx which instantly lead to this site jumping in speed even without caching plugins and optimisations been made.

Now I was coming from what was very much bargin basement hosting on Smart Hosting a UK based provider. Even though Smart Hosting offer Litespeed as a website server with caching they just didn’t have the horsepower or bandwidth to deliver sites quickly. It wasn’t long before I found CloudFlare was a needed add-on.

With my new Plesk server at Digital Ocean CloudFlare is not a requirement and not even close. I don’t have a ton of resources but Nginx is so light and fast I don’t need them. I opted for a 1GB server at Digital Ocean with a 25GB external volume for holding me site files. This is perfect for now and I can always increase as needed once my new projects get off the ground.

One of the biggest sites I host is serving images on eBay and this will be 100% handled by Nginx and barely touch my RAM in the handling these requests so I don’t see a time I will need to increase my server size before March.

Nginx has been a learning curve and this is my first Nginx based production server. I have to say the learning experience has been fantastic and well worth the effort in-exchange for the speed and quality of the hosting I now have for not a lot of money.

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