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Todoist Tip: Filter Urgent Today

In Todoist i use priorities as a way of managing what takes need doing before I break for lunch (red), before the end of the day (dark blue) and general today (light blue). Anything in white is something that needs doing or is a regular task and can be done tomorrow if needed.

A useful filter I created is Urgent Today. This filter only shows takes that are due today with a red or dark blue priority level. This comes in very useful with the widget for Android as I can have these tasks and only these tasks on my home screen at all times.

Add_New_Post_‹_Matthew_Temple_—_WordPressTo setup this filter go to filters on the sidebar of Todoist for Web or Desktop and click ‘Add New’ at the bottom. Then simply name your filter and use the following as your query.

(today, overdue) & (p1, p2)

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting more tips and articles about Todoist and how I use it to make myself more productive then I have ever been.

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