Today I got my hands on Reeder for Mac, a mac version of my favourite iPhone and iPad app for Google Reader. The overall design of the application lives up to the high standards set by the iPhone and improved upon by the iPad version.

The application is easy to use, fast and full of keyboard shortcuts. It is the only desktop app I’ve used that compares to Google Reader’s web interface and I may even start using it over the web UI all together.

I do like the built in web browser with preloading to quickly jump to the site for those that don’t provide full content in their RSS feeds.

The only draw back have is there’s no support for AppleScript or extensions to add more services and ways to share items but I’m sure this will be fixed before the final release or soon after in a point release.

So far there been no word on a release date or pricing although it will have to be very low inorder to compete with the free and feature rich Google web interface. You can grab the draft version for free from [email protected].

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