New Google Photos: The App I’ve Been Looking For

Today news and screen shots of what is possibly the new Google Photos app to be announced at Google I/O later this week were leaked on Android Police.

Now I’ve been using Google+ Photos for a while as it offers features other apps don’t and combined with the unlimited storage of my Google Apps for Work account nobody can compete on the price.

That doesn’t make it perfect by any stretch. Organising photos has never been something that works outs well and sharing them requires you to share on Google+. This way of sharing also makes it hard for the people you share albums with to be able to find them later on. Another huge bug bear of mine is the inability to add photos to an album from the mobile app.

This new app/service however seems to be ready to fix everything I don’t like and create the ultimate photo backup and management app for my needs. Check out the screenshots from Android Police below.

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