Improving My Writing

As a web developer it is important I have the ability to write good content as clients often forget they need content when they are considering a new website. As part of restarting this blog I aim to write something every week and over time as I continue to do so I will naturally improve my writing skills.

Writing content is a scary task even for some of the professional SEO writers I employ. Often they recommend to me I should go somewhere else for writing. I was told to segment things into locations, coding at home, admin in the office and go to a coffee shop when I need to get a lot of writing done. As I don’t have a Macbook anymore (long story there) I haven’t tried this yet as I am tied to the iMac’s at home and in the office.

Another writer told me if I struggle to start I should have a few beers first, ‘write tippsy, edit sober’ they said. I have tried this and while it works I tend to waffle on a lot and end up back at square 1.

So here we are. writing content at least once a week for my blog. I thought it would be a good idea to keep the topics varied as I need to write about many different things for work so you will see some technical stuff (my interests) and some really left wing stuff that I have spent a little time researching (aimed at pushing my writing confidence).

I have got a rough plan laid out going a few weeks into the future about what to write about each week and hopefully as I see myself getting better at this I will start posting more often.

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