A few months ago I reviewed Typed and loved it. However I am now giving IA Writer 3 another shot at being my go to writing app.

There are just a few things I can’t help but miss in IA Writer that Typed simply left out of its initial version. Mainly the library, I just love the quick swipe to the left and have all my documents there ready to quickly access at all times.

Of course there are some things I wish IA Writer had that Typed already has covered. Including the Zen mode and the beautiful translucent page for crafting out the next article.

IA Writer also has a few more features that are a perfect fit for parts of my job. The stats bar with it’s reading time and sentence count give me a quick, easy and more importantly glanceable way of making sure I am reaching the targets I or my client have set for the articles. Now yes Typed does offer a word count updating in real time at the top right of the page and this is useful don’t get me wrong. Its just the stats toolbar in IA Writer offers more information, even though it is not quiet real time and only updates as often as the “real time” saving happens. This is something I was very happy with until I got used to the true real time statistics Typed offered. Now having to wait a few seconds to see the latest numbers and knowing they are not glanceable and right is a little off putting and may well of slowed down my work output.

However while I might not be pushing out each article as fast as I was with Typed I am confident in saying I am able to switch between on going work much faster. I can jump in and out of different drafts fluently with a speed I just couldn’t achieve on Typed. I am also back to having all my documents instantly synced to iCloud and available on my phone with Handoff within seconds.

I do really like IA Writer and it has a beautiful user interface with a lot of hidden power that any professional writer will appreciate. Typed seems to be more for the hobby writer or at least in its current version 1.0 state. I will of course keep revisiting these apps as the mature and I switch between them.

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