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How to invest when you’re young and broke

If your anything like me your are making enough money for a confutable life and what is left is getting tied up in things you don’t really need but just want. We all know this is not the best use for that spare cash at the end of each month but how do you invest wisely with very little capital behind you.

Well, we are in luck. As you would have it Ben Carlson recent wrote a piece for that covers just this very subject.

I never learned about “mutual funds” or “index funds” or “money market accounts”—it all seemed as relevant to my broke-ass existence as theology is to a goat. But these days I wonder if I missed out on a chance to turn a bad job into the equivalent of night business school. I’ve become increasingly aware that, like a lot of twentysomethings, I don’t know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to money. A $3 coffee will turn into a $30 coffee thanks to interest payments on my credit card. I’ll wake up after a night out with a crumpled receipt for pizza in my pocket and worry I just overdrew my checking account. I’ve contemplated simply stopping payment on my laughably unmanageable student loans.

If that rings true for you then I recommend you go read Ben’s full article on

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