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HD Video Camera

The other day I was thinking about buying a Hitachi DZ-HV564E HD camera well today I did and so far I’m very pleased with it. Especially for the price I paid, just £130.

The build quality is great although the plastic body does fell slightly cheap. It produces great videos at 1080p down to 640 x 480.

Below is a sample video captured with the camera (also in HD).

The mic is the best, in fact its quite disappointing, if the room is totally silent the mic picks up a hiss.

Would I recommend it, yes if your in the market for a cheap HD camera and don’t plan on producing anything near professional video because the built in mic just doesn’t cut it.

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I’ve also just purchased the camera from Comet. Alas, mine was supplied with a European plug so I have no means of charging the battery to test the camcorder and Comet’s answer is to send it back and they’ll replace it with another (which may also have a European plug!).

I think the camcorder is a rebadged Sanyo HD100. I’ve had other Sanyo camcorders and been pleased with them so I’m hoping this Hitachi might be of a similar standard – IF I can charge the battery to put it through its paces!

NB I note your comment about the onboard mic. Comet describe it as having a mic input socket, which is one of the reasons I bought it, but it doesn’t…!

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