Recently I wrote about the Ghost blogging platform and explained why I loved the admin interface and the beautiful writing experience Ghost is just lacking some of the features I need to replace this site.

Well if you are in the same position as me you are in luck. Thanks to a WordPress plugin called Gust. Gust brings the simplicity of the Ghost admin to WordPress.

When you first install the plugin nothing changes, this is becuase gust lives outside of the main WP admin and can be found at There is a good reason for this, Gust will only handle pages and posts everything else you need to go back to the main WordPress interface.

The writing experience is very clean and polished with not a lot of fuss. You get your text editor on the left with full Markdown support and a real time preview on the right. There are a couple of controls along the button of the editor for featured images, categories and saving your work.

Gust UI

Images are handled in teh same way as Ghost, Add the image Markdown and on the preview a placeholder will show for you to upload your media. Just like in Ghost there are no alignment options and the image will be inserted at whatever size you uploaded it at.

Everything works very smoothly and changes are available in the standard WordPress editor. I see my self using Gust for the rare times I need to write something and don't have my Mac around. While the experience of writing in Gust is clean and nice it doesn't compare to a dedicated writing app like Ulysses.

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