Google to roll out Expanded Text Ads for all devices

It’s been know that Google has been testing longer text ads in search results across devices. On Tuesday, the company announced Expanded Text Ads will be available to advertisers later this year.

With the removal of right side ads, Google now has the flexibility to give text ads more characters in a way that will look uniform across devices. Expanded text ads will be eligible to run across all devices and will be optimised for smartphones.

“These upgrades help your ads work harder across screens, especially for the on-the-go mobile consumer that wants to know exactly what you offer before tapping into your website,” said Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce at Google.

The new ad format will have 2 longer headlines of up to 30 characters each instead of the 1 25 character headline of current. Additionally the new format will allow for a much longer 80 character description block instead of the 2 35 character lines allowed at present. A full page down of the difference can be found below.


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