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Recently I’ve been playing around with the new content management system(CMS) on the block. Ghost a Kickstarter funded project caught my interest a while back but I never really got a chance to take a proper look at what it had to offer. Well this last week during some quieter times at work I have been playing around on a Ghost Pro account to see what it is all about.

First and foremost the idea of Ghost is back to basics and I appreciate that. WordPress has grown into a massive beast but that flexibility is what makes WordPress so popular. Don’t get me wrong Ghost has all the basics and a little bit more, I could easily run my personal site on there platform.

So why don’t I? Its simple really I know WordPress inside out, WordPress is my day job so I am staying with what I know. I don’t want to be learning something new for my personal site I want something I know well as I don’t want to be spending hundreds of hours a month on this.

Back to Ghost. It built using Node.js so chances are you are going to need to pay for Ghost Pro and they will host everything for you – think of Ghost Pro like is for WordPress.

The back to basics means you get a really stripped out admin area. A few settings and a Content section that holds everything in one place and I mean everything static pages, posts the lot they all go in here.

The editing experience. I feel this is perfect. It is very minimal and clean there are no visual editors here the platform using Markdown for its formatting. As a heavy Markdown user I had no problems driving straight in however there will be a learning curve for anything new to the syntax.

The default theme is clean and beautiful and as an added bonus is incredible easy to read. It is something along the lines of what I have planned for the redesign of my site that will likely not happen any time soon.

Yes I do like Ghost and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a simple easy to use blog. The personal blogger. That is who Ghost is perfect for.

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