Email: A love hate relationship

As I become busier in my professional career and start some open source projects I collect email accounts and each account receives a different level of email. All this adds to a chaotic inbox and I needed something to organise it.

I like Outlook’s focus and other tabs but I hate Outlook on a Mac. After looking around I decided to go back to an old friend, Spark Mail by Reedle.

Spark gives you Gmail style sorting of newsletters notifications and personal email as well as something I wish Apple would do – sync my email accounts and signatures to my phone. Spark also adds in read mail tracking, spend later and remind me later for emails. Going even further Spark integrates with Todoist and Evernote to allow my to quickly action and sort emails a few times a day.

With Apple Mail I would spend around 30 minutes 3 times a day sorting email, now that is down to 10-15 minutes 3 times a day thanks to 1 click buttons to add stuff to my task list, save to Evernote and quickly reply with a few predefined messages.

Now all this was in Spark before but I never really used the application and always preferred Mac Mail because of email rules. Yes, Spark doesn’t have rules to sort your email automatically and have stuff skip right past your inbox. My Mac Mail rule list is over 50 and it keeps my inbox somewhat trim and proper minus the above mentioned grouping of email by type.

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