Dark Mode on WordPress

Since MacOS added dark mode I have loved working with it especially at night, however, not a lot of sites actually have a dark version and WordPress my most used web app is very bright.

This has lead me to using a more desktop applications instead of online apps to take advantage of dark interfaces and not blind myself with bright white screens in a dark room.

WordPress does have a plugin that one day may be included in core however this needs turning on and off and doesn’t detect the users system preference. That however is a small issue.

The plugin doesn’t work well with WordPress its self let alone third party plugins.

WP 5.0 Gutenberg Editor in Dark Mode

As the screenshot above sites even with the new editor included with WordPress 5.0 dark mode is not fully implemented.

The dashboard and other pages in WordPress look beautiful in dark mode howver this is still a half baked idea and doesn’t seem to be moving very fast.

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