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I have been meaning to update my blog more often however I every time I try it lasts a few weeks and always seem to fall. I think in part this is due to the WordPress editor. While there is nothing wrong with the editor its self it requires a lot of copy and paste work as I like to write in distraction free editors like Typed plus the addition of needing to use Photoshop to size and crop images as the WordPress image editor can only be discribed as clunky.

Well now I am trying a reality new app for Mac call Blogo, it allows you to publish and manage posts and pages as well as offers comment management all from a slick interface. But most importantly it has a minimalist and distraction free text editor for writing in.

Blogo’s image editor is still not touching that of Acron, Pixelmator or Photoshop but it does allow simple cropping, resizing and allows you to apply filters, captions and alt text to images. Setting a custom display size is easier then WordPress however the medium and large sizes are not available.

Blogo does still fall short however. In my limited time with it I quickly fell out of love with the image editor, the lack of support for WordPress galleries and I had a lot of problems with managing comments. Would I recommend Blogo to anybody, not at the moment if you want a distraction free writing app consider using something dedicated to that. I am currently using Typed on a free trial (look out for a review coming soon) and before that I was a huge iA Writer user. The fact is 80% of this review was written in Typed after I got annoyed with Blogo’s way of working.

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