Apple Magic Keyboard Review

Yesterday after the kid split water on my old Apple Wireless Keyboard I was forced to go and buy the new Apple Magic Keyboard. Something I wasn’t interested in when it first came out. I have been typing on the older keyboard for many years and I loved it. So how am I finding the new keyboard.

Well in a word, flat. The new Magic Keyboard doesn’t have the same stance and angle of the older wireless keyboard. Something I am still getting used to. It feels like my fingers have to travel further and I have to move my hands more when typing.

Ok so lets back up a little. Setting up the keyboard is a doodle, simply plugin in it with the included Lightening Cable and turn it on. That is it, everything is paired and working. To my surprise you don’t even have to be logged in to your mac for this. My Mac had gone to sleep and was asking me to unlock it with my password when I connected to the keyboard for the first time. I was expecting to have problems because of this but nope it just worked.

When I first started to type the keys where naturally where I expected them to be and I had no problems hitting the right keys and not real slow down in typing speeds. As mentioned earlier the keyboard has a flatter profile and is closer to a Macbook in style. Something I am used to on my Laptop but always preferred to type longer form content on my iMac. The keys are firm, they don’t wobble when pressed and they have a good amount of travel when you press them down. This might just be because it is new and hasn’t collected years of dirt under the keys, yet, but the keys do seem loader when typing away at full speed.

Overall, the keyboard is very well built and is a good improvement over the old wireless keyboard. The differences are something you get used to very quickly and then start to like after a short while. In my case I got used to the keyboard in around 30 minutes but I do write a blog of content for a living so it make take you a little longer to get used to a keyboard if you don’t write in excess of 1000 words an hour.

I have not purchased the Magic Trackpad yet as I don’t see a need for one, however, I can see my buying it shortly just to match the new profile of the keyboard.

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