An SEO Experiment

I have never really done any SEO on my site not even on page optimisations however I have always what I’d consider good rankings in some competitive keywords. I should say here I consider these good simply because a page 3 rank in a competitive area with no on page work done what soever is good.

I have spent a large portion of my Saturday while stuck at home due to some heavy storms adding on page to some key area’s of my site and some of the archive blog posts I consider important or already rank well and a little on page will give them the boost they need.

This site has always been a side project for when I have time but I am now starting to take it more seriously with a plan to build this into a place for me to cover and write about whatever I want. I don’t plan and know I will never make any real money from this site despite the fact I run AdSense here I work in the industry and know I will never get the levels of traffic needed to make a decent penny from the ads. The fact is the ads are here because they make a little money and contribute to my hosting costs but in no way cover them costs. Yes it would be nice if adding some on page SEO to this site could generate some good traffic and in tern revenue but that would require me to first sit down for a week and go through the full back archive of content adding the needed tags and I simply don’t have that time.

I will still not be doing any active link building to this site as I want to track the effects of on page work only on a large site with several years of archives.

The work I have done so far is in a few key areas that I will be tracking and are part of a larger experiment into big, old sites and ranking on Google. I will of course update here once I have concluded the experiment. I will also start blogging more about stuff related to my work in web development and online marketing over time.

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