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Fujifilm W3 3D Camera

Today Fujifilm announced a pretty sweet looking ‘Real 3D’ camera, so need for glasses. This stunning camera doesn’t just do 3D video it also does 3D still pictures and 2D pictures and video and unlike it’s predecessor, the W1, the W3 shoots 720p stereoscopic HD video perfect for YouTube 3D.

The camera will be available in September for around £400, Amazon are already expecting pre-oders. While I’m not likely to buy this one I am hoping to buy something similar in the near future, may 1080p.

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HD Video Camera

The other day I was thinking about buying a Hitachi DZ-HV564E HD camera well today I did and so far I’m very pleased with it. Especially for the price I paid, just £130.

The build quality is great although the plastic body does fell slightly cheap. It produces great videos at 1080p down to 640 x 480.

Below is a sample video captured with the camera (also in HD).

The mic is the best, in fact its quite disappointing, if the room is totally silent the mic picks up a hiss.

Would I recommend it, yes if your in the market for a cheap HD camera and don’t plan on producing anything near professional video because the built in mic just doesn’t cut it.

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Access Hulu from Outside the US

hulu-logoHulu and lots of other video sites on the Internet are US only, but now there is a way for us outside the states to get at it.

With a small download we can now watch all the TV we want, plus its free.


Hotspot Shield is a small, free program that allows you to access Hulu and the rest the web via a US based proxy. The service works great in my tests. Although you may be asked to select a sponsor and there are ads on the top of every page, but it is free.

It’s easy to set up, just install the app (Mac and Windows) and your ready to go whenever the appliction is running.

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Animoto. Professional Sideshow Videos

Animoto is a free video creation tool and best of all it’s web based. You import your photos from many services including flickr, Picasa and Facebook and more or upload some, select a piece of music or upload some, none DRMed of course, and they’ll create a very professional looking video from your photos and the transitions match the music.

I created this video with some photos from flickr of Alton Tower gardens in a matter of minutes.

There’s no brain work needed, it’s just clicking.

You can create a 30 second video for free and its only $3 for anything longer or $30 for unlimited videos all year. Plus if you the referral code, “mcahonzi” (or just click here) you can save $5 on an all access pass.

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Bill Gates Goodbye Video

The best thing Microsoft had to offer at CES was the farewell video for Bill Gates.

Bill’s last full day at Microsoft will be in July and hopeful next year we’ll see a different, better Microsoft.