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Google AdWords Review

Google AdWordsI have been using Google AdWords for some time now and as I promisted here is my full review.

I started using the service back in June and when Google sent me a letter with a £50 credit if I signed up so I thought Why not it’s free. Well apart from the minimum of £10 I had to deposit to cover a £5 administration fee.

The ads started to show up within minutes of completing the account activation.

You get 2 options to make payments postpay or prepay, I went to prepay to keep control and so when the £60 credit runs out the ads will stop showing up.

There are also two account types, standard and starter, the starter account is where I started. It allows you simple control over your ads and lets you advertise one product/service.  Both accounts are free and if you start on the starter you can upgrade to the startard later for no extra fee.

So does advertising drive traffic, yes. But does that traffic then drive more revenue, yes and no. I did notice a small rise in money been generated but it’s no where near enough to cover the cost of the AdWords campaign. However I don’t run this site to make money if I make half the cost of hosting back I’m lucky.

Each click costs around £0.15 when biding is set to auto with a monthly budget of £20.

My final thoughts on this matter are yes advertising works, but I knew that already, and in order to make it effective you have to be selling a product, but I also knew that.

I didn’t tryout AdWords to make more money or drive traffic I just wanted to play around and make the mistakes before I want to start a real advertising campaign


Now Running Ads

AdsI recently got a £50 ad credit for Google AdWords so why not use it.

The ads are running now on Google and other sites around the web.

I have only been using it for an hour or so. So I can’t comment on the service however I will be posting my full review later this year.

Update: The ads have been out there for about 1 hour and been seen 140 times

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Google Wave

Google announced a new service coming later this year called Wave. So far I haven’t played with it and all I know is what they told people at Google I/O when they unveiled the developer preview.

The open source project will be a new way of communicating with the best of email, IM, blogs and all other ways of communicating on the web.

I have signed up to be notified when they are ready to let more people in and I will be reviewing it shortly after I get in.

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GMail Goes Down

Today Google’s email service is currently down. The news spread across Twitter in no time.

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Who’s the Artist Behind Google Doodles?

Here’s a quick video that shows Chief Google Doodler Dennis Hwang draw a Google Doodle from start to finish.

He creates a doodle that commemorates the Lunar New Year.