Workflowy first an foremost is a god send. An outlining tool and notebook and task manager all in one. The website doesn’t tell you much about it but once you sign up you get a series of tutorial videos to watch that explain things in a lot of details. The power of the endless page and near endless hierarchy of nested lists is simply brilliant and inspiring. As a tool Workflowy is so flexible and packs a lot of hidden power.

In both my personal and business life (really one in the same) things change by the minute not the day. Traditional task management apps like Todoist, Omnifocus and Things just can’t keep up with the rate that information flows into my life. Not all of this information is a task or job some of it is notes that might be needed for an action later, some of it is random thoughts I don’t have time to flesh out right at the time they come to me.

Other things I use Workflowy for is actually writing. I don’t get time to sit and write a full article for this site or any others I manage in one go. A perfect solution to this is Workflowy, as an outlining tool this is what it was designed for and is perfect at it. I can list an idea and inside that a few bullets on bits I want to touch on and then when I have time to flesh out them points I can go to town and write a few words or even paragraphs in the notes of the bullet. This alone has increased the amount of content I have in draft for this site but it doesn’t feel overwhelming and there is always a plan laid out that I can follow no matter how much time passes.

There are a number of questions around this. The application hasn’t changed a lot in its 5 year existence. I am assured that they are still developing and working on the platform however Workflowy is a small team (2 people) and there is a limit to what they can do. I work as a small team and no all too well what this means.

They have a lot of plans and some big aspirations however when you have 6 or 7 full time jobs to cover as 1 person just to keep the product online developing new features on the product is a very very slow process.

Workflowy Pro, what do you get and it is worth the $50 a year? The short answer here is not a lot, Workflowy is still a fairly unknown product and that can earn you a lot of monthly bullets for free – I have 2500 at the time of writing this. That makes the unlimited bullets pro gives you only valuable for the heaviest of users.

The other features pro will buy you are some new themes and a choice of fonts. Password protected collaboration is a feature of pro to add a little security/privacy to your shared lists as well as backup to Dropbox.

Backup to Dropbox is something of a nice feature that drops a complete copy of your Workflowy account in plain text format into your Dropbox every morning so you always have a backup and can’t lose a thing.

Would I pay for Workflowy Pro, yes for the Dropbox backups and unlimited bullets. Although in the 3 months I’ve been using the application I have only come close to my 2000 bullets per month limit once and that was in the month I was moving house and had a literal ton of tasks that were added and completed. That said I would still pay $50 a year from the new year for the service just to know I am supporting the 2 guys and helping to keep the lights on as they don’t have any adverts even in the free version.

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