Things for Mac: Productivity Heaven

I’ve been a long time fan of David Allan’s Getting Things Done and I have tried to manage this with almost every app out there.

For the longest time I was using Todoist and loved it however as I got busier in 2017 for what I decided was going to be my big push on a number of projects Todoist just couldn’t keep up with the rate of change in my day. I started looking for new applications again.

I landed back with an old favourite – Things. I still have my licences (Mac, iPhone and iPad) so the cost of getting started was no longer an issue.

As with all new productivity apps I spent half a day adding all my tasks manually to ensure I had a clean start and wasn’t transferring clutter. In my case this took me around half a day but was worth it in the long run. I am now in love with Things.

There are few features Things has that just work with my way of getting stuff done.

  1. Projects can have due dates
    This is huge. I like to have small projects in GTD style any task that has more then 1 step is a project. Been about to assign the project a due date and have the project show in my Today view instead of its tasks is simple but powerful.
  2. Logging Daily
    Almost every todo app I have used hides completed tasks the moment they are completed – I don’t like this. Been able to see my Today list and everything I have completed is immensely motivating to get the rest of the tasks complete.
  3. Area’s of Responsibility
    Again something that is great for organising. I have 2 companies plus my home life inside this app. When planning a weekend’s jobs I don’t want to see anything related to work and Area’s of Responsibility does this
  4. No sharing
    Yes, even though I have to collaborate with my partners and team I don’t want them to mess with my task list. Things allows me to assign a task to a contact so I know they are responsible for it. And I can follow up on that task to check its completed when I do my daily mini reviews.
  5. Next
    A small overview showing the next 3 tasks in every project and area of responsibility I have allows me to quickly decide what I am going to do today and what can wait until tomorrow.
  6. Scheduled & Someday
    Both related but different. Both of these hide tasks and projects until you are ready to work on them. At the date specified they will re-appear in your today view for you to work on. This keeps my huge database under control and leaves me feeling in control and not overwhelmed every day when I do my mini review to decide on what needs completing today.

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