Dynalist is Workflowy on steroids. It follows the same basic principles and ideas but adds files and folders so instead of 1 massive piece of paper you can have 1 page per project and group projects by work or personal in folders.

Dynalist allow unlimited bullets for free per month and file attachments are a paid feature along with some of the functions around dates. Dynalist Pro is priced exactly the same as Workflowy Pro but brings a lot more functionality along with it.

The file upload feature is the only feature of Dynalist I wish Workflowy would have although its implementation could use a lot of work. At present to attach a file you drag and drop the file to the web app then you are given a Markdown string to copy and paste into your document creating a link to download what you uploaded.

Now as a web app downloading whatever you upload is the only way to go but I’d just a preview of images or a player for audio. I also don’t want to copy and paste the Markdown string. I wish it would automatically add this to the notes of the item I am editing and allow me to move it later if I wish to do so.

Apart from the above mentioned files and folders Dynalist also brings attached files, checkbox, numbered lists, dates and more to the table. They even have desktop apps although these are really just packaged up views of the web application they are still nice to have.

Dynalist also have a public Terllo board showing the development road map and history. They seem to be actively developing the application while Workflowy is a very stable, slow moving application.

The mobile experience for Dynalist is by far the better of the two. While both mobile apps can edit I consider Workflowy’s mobile app more a view on my list then a place I can edit it.

While on paper Dynalist blows Workflowy away it just didn’t have the same feel and flow for my style of working. There is something special that Workfloy’s 1 massive list has about it. Even the lack of features and its simplicity is attractive with Dynalist I sent too much time managing my list instead of doing work.

Dynalist is a steeler application and I highly recommend anybody give it try but it just didn’t work for me.

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