Switching to Windows

I have always been somewhat of a fan of macOS, however of late it seems Apple have dropped the ball. Microsoft has been steaming ahead with Windows 10 bring out features that work on iPhone and Android. In general, I like the New Microsoft approach – we don’t care what device you use just use our services.

They really are building some amazing products and services now. So much so that I made the switch to Windows 10 from macOS when my 4-year-old iMac started to show its age with hardware related slowdowns (the Hard Drive was starting to fail). After looking around for a good deal on a new MacBook I decided Apple was no longer the way to go. For what a mid-range MacBook Pro costs I was able to get a top of the line Dell XPS, wireless keyboard, 24″ external display and still had the change to buy the applications I needed to repurchase.

Now 2 months later and I have not looked back. I am enjoying Windows 10 a great deal and feel a lot more productive not having to wait up to 5 minutes for Photoshop to open and over an hour to copy 1GB of files.

Do I miss anything. Not really I have found a number of good replacements for everything my Mac did including:

MonoSnap for screenshots and screen recording
Git Bash includes a full Open SSH client

Adobe, Microsoft, Google and Dropbox apps work in exactly the same way across both operating systems and Evernote for Windows while ugly is actually not that bad and outperforms the Mac version tenfold.

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