Notion the ultimate app

I’ve heard a lot about Notion but never really took a look myself. That was until recently and I instantly fell in love. 

With in a matter of hours I found myself subscribing for the increased storage and premium benefits. The app is so flexible and powerful it has replaced my sales CRM, project management and general task list. It then quickly swallowed my note taking application and receipt tracking app.

With a matter of days Notion had saved me £35 in application subscriptions with third parties and all for $4 per month. 

I am currently looking at adding my Journaling to Notion and that will save me another £23 per year. The app truly is a powerhouse and I see why so many people are raving about it. It covers everything from the most professional uses to the most personal without 1 app. 

Now, Notion is going to be for everyone. It does require some setup and upkeep for each use case you want to apply within the app. Something I don’t mind as it keeps me very much in touch with what is going on in my life. 

As you can probably tell I highly recommend Notion and at $5 per month ($48 per year which works out at $4/month) it is my favourite application of the year by a long way and I am excited to see where this application goes in the future.

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