HazeOver Review

I work mostly at night and into the early hours of the morning, my office sits next to the bedroom and having the light on can be a huge distraction for the sleeping family during the hot summer nights when they leave doors open to allow air to flow through the house.

Working with the ligth off makes my giant iMac hard on the eyes even on the lowest brightness setting. Enter HazeOver.

HazeOver is a small and simple application that fades background applications and ulimitately makes your screen dimmer. At first I wasn’t sure I would like the application but over the week I used it for I came to grow found of it and even started using it during the day as it provides a greate way to focus without using the full screen.

There are times you have to turn it off for example when compairing 2 spreadsheets side by side but this is easily done from the menu bar. The application costs just £5 from the Mac App Store or you can get it as part of Setapp.

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