IDEA: Open Source Journalling

The idea has been floating for a while but I think it is finally time to start something. One of my concerns with the big journalling apps apart for sending some of my most intermittent thoughts to a company that one day could be on Google’s acquisition list is just sending these thoughts to a company that may or may not be around in 30 years when I want to review them and reflect on my life.

That sparked a quest to find a good self hosted journalling application and while WordPress is a great content manager it is not a great journalling application. This has lead me to the decision something needs building that will allow me to journal on my server with an application I control.

I can not be the only person that thinks this way and after a quick search of /r/selfhosted there are many people looking for just an application.

This is the kick off post for what I hope will be a large scale open source project with a lot more than just a web app.

The initial version will be a PHP based web application as that is what I know and in time I will develop iPhone and Android applications. The initial web app should be fully responsive for mobile use to make it possible to write from a phone as I personally often find myself tapping away inside Day One currently.

I will be looking for collaborators in the 2019 after I make an initial start on the project with the aim to have a beta version ready in Q3 of 2019. To start with this project will be a very slow burn but will pick up pace towards the end. If you are a PHP developer and are interested in working on this project please do not hesitate to reach out.

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