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Daaad, the Internet is not working!

South Park wakes up to discover there’s no Internet, the best episode ever.

Watch the full episode here.

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Matt Mullenweg Talks About WordPress 2.6

Matt Mullenweg talks about the future of WordPress at WordCamp Dallas.

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Woopra. You’re Gonna Want It

Cali Lewis was shown a live stats product for WordPress called Woopra at WoradCamp Dallas.

Anyone who has a website is likely to be interested in Woopra, however I think live stats may slow down page loads and have a big impact on bandwidth.

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Outlook Gives an Error When Clicking Links

Outlook has been very bitchy lately; every time I click a link in an email I got the following error message.

“The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”

A quick search on Microsoft’s Help and Support said it was a problem with a damaged or corrupt registry key, ok so I tried to import the registry, just as Microsoft said and it didn’t fix my problem. So after a little thought I tried to change the set program access and computer defaults and it worked.

Here’s what I did (on Windows Vista):

  • Click Start, then click Default Programs
  • Click Set program access and computer defaults
  • Then under Custom select Internet Explorer
  • Click OK
  • Close and reopen Outlook

For Windows XP:

  • Click Start, then Control Panel, and double-click Add or Remove Programs
  • Click Set Program Access and Defaults
  • Click Custom
  • Under Choose a default Web browser, select Internet Explorer
  • Click OK

If you use Firefox you may want to change this back to Firefox. This does mean all links clicked in outlook will open in Internet Explorer, but IE8 is much better then previous versions.

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ISP Filtering

Bittorrent has a load of legal uses, just most people don’t see it that way because of the big powers (RIAA, MPAA). Bittorrent is great for hosting large video files, it saves the content provider bandwidth, saving them money so they can carry on making great shows, in fact the BBC uses it in it’s iPlayer download manager.

Legal stuff on bittorrent

More and more people are legally putting stuff on bittorrent, or using the technology to deliver content.

  • Nine Inch Nails are release volume 1 of 4 from the new album, Ghosts, on bittorrent for free. The other 3 parts of the album will be sold on their website DRM-free from $5.
  • The BBC as explained above.
  • Revision 3 offer their shows to download on bittorrent.
  • GrooveShark are trying to use bittorrent as a netowrk of legal purchased music from there music store
  • Lotus Notes has used bittorent for a long time to share files in your colleagues at work

With all these new and old companies using bittorrents to move around massive amounts of data ISP filtering is catching the wrong people. We need to teach people that bittorrent is legal, it’s just the unauthorised sharing of copyrighted material that’s wrong.

I’m posting this now because my ISP has started filtering (yet denies it) and it’s stopping me from using most of the stuff I mentioned.