The World is Flat Free Audiobook

Thomas L. Friedman’s book The World is Flat, 3.0 is avaliable as a free audiobook on his site, all you’ve got to do is sign up for his email newsletter and wait a while and you’ll get an email with a link to go download the 3 parts in DRM free MP3’s.

Once you’ve signed up and got your downloads you can unsubcribe with the link in the first confrimation email.

To make the MP3 files into an iTunes audiobook follow this guide.

Update: The free audiobook giveaway has now ended.

Review: MobileMe

Back in June Apple announced MobileMe an update to the .mac service with new support for Windows, iPhone and iPod Touch. The service is a PIM (Personal Information Management) system and is doing somewhat of a good job at it. For simplicity I am going to review the service on each platform. Continue reading “Review: MobileMe”

Firefox 3 Release Day Set

Mozilla set the release date for Firefox 3 today. This is good news becasue now they can actually have a chance in setting a good record.

The date: Tuesday 17th june 2008, mark it on your calendar.

The servers should be able to cope with us all to go and download the browser and bandwidth isn’t an issuse for Mozilla as Firefox is hosted by Google on their servers.

Firefox 3 Download Day

Mozilla is going to try and set a world record for the number of software downloads in 24 hours, with the release of Firefox 3. There are many new features and improvments over version 2 of the browser, it’s faster, safer and uses less memory.

Help break this record by downloading on the release day, to find out more goto the Download Day Headquarters.

NIN Give Away More Music

Nine Inch Nails are giving away their latest album, The Slip, for free exclusively on their site. The ten track album is available in high quality MP3 as well as Apple Lossless, FLAC and high def WAVE.

The Slip Album Cover

Of course all the tracks are DRM free and all you need to give them is a valid email address, and they send you a link to download the album in whatever formats you want shortly after.