Google to roll out Expanded Text Ads for all devices

It’s been know that Google has been testing longer text ads in search results across devices. On Tuesday, the company announced Expanded Text Ads will be available to advertisers later this year. With the removal of right side ads, Google now has the flexibility to give text ads more characters in a way that will […]

How Google’s new keyboard for iPhone is changing SEO

The launch of Gboard — Google’s new keyboard for iOS is flipping how SEO content is ranked on its head !! For those using GBoard, when comparing search results versus regular mobile search, despite being largely based around the same algorithms, users may be surprised to note some differences. Rajan Patel, a principal engineer at Google explains: “It’s really early, so […]

WordPress 4.5.2 patches security vulnerabilities

Over the weekend the WordPress COE team released version 4.5.2 of the popular content management system fixing 2 security vulnerabilities found in third party libraries used within WordPress. The first is a Same-Origin Method Execution in Plupload, the third party library WordPress uses to handle file uploads. The second is a reflected cross-site-scripting vulnerability in MediaElement.js, the third-party library […]