Dark Mode on WordPress

Since MacOS added dark mode I have loved working with it especially at night, however, not a lot of sites actually have a dark version and WordPress my most used web app is very bright.

This has lead me to using a more desktop applications instead of online apps to take advantage of dark interfaces and not blind myself with bright white screens in a dark room.

WordPress does have a plugin that one day may be included in core however this needs turning on and off and doesn’t detect the users system preference. That however is a small issue.

The plugin doesn’t work well with WordPress its self let alone third party plugins.

WP 5.0 Gutenberg Editor in Dark Mode

As the screenshot above sites even with the new editor included with WordPress 5.0 dark mode is not fully implemented.

The dashboard and other pages in WordPress look beautiful in dark mode howver this is still a half baked idea and doesn’t seem to be moving very fast.


Email: A love hate relationship

As I become busier in my professional career and start some open source projects I collect email accounts and each account receives a different level of email. All this adds to a chaotic inbox and I needed something to organise it.

I like Outlook’s focus and other tabs but I hate Outlook on a Mac. After looking around I decided to go back to an old friend, Spark Mail by Reedle.

Spark gives you Gmail style sorting of newsletters notifications and personal email as well as something I wish Apple would do – sync my email accounts and signatures to my phone. Spark also adds in read mail tracking, spend later and remind me later for emails. Going even further Spark integrates with Todoist and Evernote to allow my to quickly action and sort emails a few times a day.

With Apple Mail I would spend around 30 minutes 3 times a day sorting email, now that is down to 10-15 minutes 3 times a day thanks to 1 click buttons to add stuff to my task list, save to Evernote and quickly reply with a few predefined messages.

Now all this was in Spark before but I never really used the application and always preferred Mac Mail because of email rules. Yes, Spark doesn’t have rules to sort your email automatically and have stuff skip right past your inbox. My Mac Mail rule list is over 50 and it keeps my inbox somewhat trim and proper minus the above mentioned grouping of email by type.


A Move to NameCheap

For the longest time I have been registering my domains at Hover and loved. I can’t fault Hover however they are not cheap.

Recently I started to move my domains over to NameCheap for 1 reason – price. NameCheap is $11 for a .com as opposed to $15 at Hover. $4 per year is not a lot for 1 or 2 domains but when you are renewing in excess of 60 domains this adds up very quickly. In total the move is going to save me around about $200 per year.

That is not the only reason however, Hover only provide support between 8am and 11pm Eastern Standard Time. As a UK based business this is not idea. I have a lot of customers domains with them and if I need to get hold some somebody I can’t – and you do need to use support for a lot of things that can’t be done in the control panel.

Not only do I save money but for all new domains you can buy a matching SSL for as little as $2 for the first year. Something this is a bargain as I often need SSL certificates with my new domains.


PasteBot: A Life Saver

Ok so I copy and paste a lot. I get content in Word and need to paste into websites daily. PasteBot allows me to not only quickly copy 3 or 4 pieces of information at once but then apply filters to them before pasting.

After starting a 14 day trial I used the app for about 6 hours before putting down the £9.99 to buy it. That is how good the application is.

So I clearly fell in love but why?

One word, filters. As a web developer i often gets bullet lists in Word that need to be added to a website. This normally requires a fair about of time copying HTML tags around each item however with PasteBot filters this is 2 clicks and it is automatically pasted into place.

Yep more. Taking screenshots with crtl+Shit+4 on a mac copies the image to the clipboard rather than saving it to your desktop. PasteBot saves each of these images allowing me quickly take a series of screen grabs and paste them into my document as I need them.

PasteBot probably saves me a good 30 minutes if not more each day – well worth the £9.99 asking price.


CodeRunner Review

CodeRunner is a relatively new comer to the code editor space and one of the few native applications and not building on on HTML and JavaScript.

Becuase of the native code CodeRunner is smooth, fast and never hangs no matter how many files are part of your project.

The number of files is key as CodeRunner will suggest functions from other files and classes which is huge in modern development. My typical web application has around 400 files with code spread across all of these and without any 1 file the application will not work.

All taken into account CodeRunner 2 is a great application for code editing and I have been a long time Sublime user. I will continue to use CodeRunner 2 for a long time to come.