iPhone 3G: Is it worth the hype

The short answer here is yes but that’s not why I’m writing this, I was the first of my friends to put down and get the new iPhone 3G and now everyone asks me what I think and should they get one. This is a short review and FAQ for those people thinking about asking me the same questions.

The new iPhone is the same as the old one in most parts. The main improvements are the speed of data (with 3G) and GPS support. You can get almost all the apps on the old iPhone after you update to the 2.0 software.

The phone is major improvement in my books. I held off the original because a phone that relies so much on the Internet should at least have 3G. Now the phone has that I was willing to stick by my word and buy it.

Now I’ve said that let me answer the most popular questions I get asked.

Do you regret buying it? No it’s a fantastic phone. I truly love it.

Should I buy it? Yes if you’re looking for a phone on contract and can afford it. Although don’t get the £30 a month O2 contract it’s not worth it.

Will the iPhone be on pay as you go? Yes around December O2 will be offering the iPhone on pay and go for around £500 – £700.

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