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Auto Update WordPress on Rackspace Cloud

This is the first in a series of how to’s regarding Rackspace Cloud Sites hosting. When I recently moved my sites over here I ran into a few problems with configuration differences and settings from my old host and in this series I will be exampling why they are in place and how to get around them.

I recently set up a new WordPress powered site on the Rackspace Cloud, I uploaded the 3.0 files I already had and planned on using the auto update capabilities of WordPress to get the latest version. However on Rackspace Cloud Sites the memory allocated to PHP is the default 8MB that PHP sets itself up with and WordPress need at least 128MB of RAM to update itself.

The solution is to add a line to the .htaccess file the site uses. Under the WordPress section of the .htaccess I added:

php_value memory_limit 128M

You could also place this in the route of your account to affect all your sites but I do this on a site by site bases as I have also increased the upload limit and I don’t want the higher limit on every site.

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Get a Better Network Connection on iPhone

iPhone Reset Network Settings Confirmation ScreenTom Merritt for CNET lately did a video explaining how to get better cellular reception on your iPhone.

It’s simply resting the network settings (note: this will delete any WIFI encryption keys stored on the phone):

  • Go to the Settings
  • …General
  • scroll down the the bottom and select Reset
  • select Rest Network Settings
  • then confirm
  • wait, the phone will restart

That’s it, your done. Now this might not work for you, it did for me.

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How To Rip a DVD

I made a short video today to address the 3-4 people that asked me, how do you rip a DVD? Well here’s my answer.

But before I start I would like to say braking the encryption designed to stop you making a playable copy of the DVD is illegal although there is a fair use argument if you want to watch the VD you payed for on for iPod and phone.

Ok so heres the video (also in HD).

Sorry for the lack of sound, it turned out crap. I’ll upload a new version as soon as I get a good mic.

DVD Shrink

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Access Hulu from Outside the US

hulu-logoHulu and lots of other video sites on the Internet are US only, but now there is a way for us outside the states to get at it.

With a small download we can now watch all the TV we want, plus its free.


Hotspot Shield is a small, free program that allows you to access Hulu and the rest the web via a US based proxy. The service works great in my tests. Although you may be asked to select a sponsor and there are ads on the top of every page, but it is free.

It’s easy to set up, just install the app (Mac and Windows) and your ready to go whenever the appliction is running.

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Fix MobileMe’s Push

Apple have been having a lot of problems with MobileMe lately and one of them is a key selling point of the product, push email. I, and many others, haven’t been getting our emails pushed to our iPhone.

Today I found a fix for this problem, here’s what to do on the iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings icon and then select Fetch data, toggle Push to off
  2. Power cycle the phone (power off iPhone for 30seconds to a minute. Then turn the phone back on)
  3. Go to Settings, then select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. From here select the Mobile Me account and at the very bottom delete the Account
  4. Add the account back to the iPhone. Make sure to use “” or “”
  5. Turn the option for Push back on and power cycle the phone once again

When the iPhone starts back up, send a test email to yourself. It can take a few minutes to arrive. Once it does, go ahead and send another test email and it should almost be instantaneous.

This doesn’t work for everyone but it did for me.

Thanks to d900man on the Mac Rumors Forums