MarsEdit.pngMarsEdit is a popular desktop blog creation tool on Mac (Similar to Windows Live Writer on Windows). The advantages of using a desktop editor are mostly the ability to work offline and use the full power of the desktop environment.

While they don’t do everything the web interface of your blog does they do the main thing, writing posts, very well.

MarsEdit Screen.pngSo what does MarsEdit do to make it so popular, well for a start its fast, cheap and powerful through the extensive support for AppleScript. It also ties into Flickr so you can include pictures from (and upload to) your library instantly. They also allow you to browse media you’ve uploaded to your server so you don’t need to upload duplicates. And yet there’s more because it’s on the desktop it will do both spelling and grammar checking as you type, easy most modern browsers will do this for you but hey.

MarsEdit Preview.pngBut if you really want to use it to unleash the full power of desktop publishing you should take time to build a template that matches your site and the live preview really comes into its own if you have a big enough screen.

The thing that makes MarsEdit special for me is its one of the few desktop publishers that I’ve tried that supports the blogging platforms tags as well as Technorati’s.

I do especially like the way it handles multiple blogs arranging them like mail boxes allowing me to quickly and easily switch back and forth.

MarsEdit Post.pngMy only real criticism is that everything needs to be wrote in HTML. This is not a problem for me as a web developer but for a basic user this isn’t good.

Will I continue to use it? Yes, for the rest of my 30 day trial I definitely will, but after that I’m not sure.

There’s no doubt for straight forward publishing its perfect for the job. I’ve got some more testing to do with some more advanced stuff before I decide if it’s worth putting down the $30 for it or if the web interface will serve just as good for my use.