backblaze-logoBackblaze is a simple service really, a small none intrusive application you install on Mac or Windows that uploads all your files to their data centre for one flat fee $5 per month per computer (or $50 (≈ £30) per year per computer).

I’ve been using it on Windows for a few days and I haven’t noticed it there and thats a good thing. In fact I’ve only been checking it to see how it’s getting on during the initial backup, for me it found 112,000 files to backup totaling 134GB.

backblaze_control-pannelNow heres my problem and its not with Backblaze themselves, on my connection I can upload around 2.5GB in 24 hours so I’ll need to leave my computer on all day and night for around 2 months although Backblaze does allow you to switch off your computer and it will continue from where it left off but this will take even longer.

This is the main reason why I have avoided online backup services before, that and the fact you’ll have to download everything to recover from a major systems crash but I desided to give Backblaze a try because when I need to restore they will ship me a backblaze_settingshard drive with my data overnight.

So far I have backed up around 4GB (30,000 files) to the service and even though I’m backing up online I’m still going to be backing up to a 1TB external hard drive. You can never have to many backups.

My Internet connection has slowed a little but not to the point where it becomes unusable and if it does Backblaze offers the ability to throttle itself.

They will give you a 15 day free trial and don’t even ask for a credit card until your ready to buy.

Yes, there are other services out there that do the same thing for around the same price, but I haven’t tried them.

Backblaze Online Backup from $5/month