Mystique2 is the second version of the popular WordPress theme Mystique again open source under the GPL v3 licence just like it’s predecessor.

With Mystique2 I completely re-wrote the backend admin panel and added those options that were simply missing in the first version. I released this as a separate product as some of the features people used in v1 have been removed as they don’t fit in with the future plans for the theme (I have a pushed a new version 1.4.8 fixing most of the bugs).

The new Mystique is more powerful, simple and leaner than ever with the following features:

  • Customise the footer without touch the code
  • Fixed width or flexible pages
  • Adjustable the size of the main column on fixed width
  • 4 typography options
  • Custom background colour
  • Add a custom logo
  • Change the background image
  • 4 built in colour schemes
  • 7 different page templates
  • …and an option to set the default
  • Support for Child Themes
  • Featured posts slider with options to set what pages it’s displayed on
  • Post images and auto detection if you forget to set one
  • …and an option to turn them off all together
  • Control what meta data is displayed under the post heading
  • …and separate controls for the home and search pages
  • Built in share links and an option to disable them
  • Support for WordPress 3.0+ custom menus
  • …or choose link, categories or pages
  • …and options to hide items
  • Enhanced SEO
  • …with an option to disable (incase you use another plugin for SEO)
  • Built in support for 6 ad blocks
  • …with short code to easily add them to posts and pages
  • Option to disable JQuery (not recommended unless you know what your doing)
  • AJAX comments
  • …and an option to turn the AJAX stuff off
  • Built in Lightbox for images link that also work in WordPress galleries
  • …and, yes, an option to turn it off
  • Related posts on post pages
  • Widgetised footer
  • …and an option to turn in off
  • Add custom functions in the admin panel that will stay in place after an update
  • Add of change CSS from the admin panel and keep the changes after an update
  • Built in Twitter sidebar widget
  • AJAX sidebar tabs widget for archives, tags, categories, popular posts and comments
  • Flickr sidebar gallery widget

Grab the latest stable version (2.4.1) here. A live demo of the latest “beta” release is running on this site.

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