Predictions for 2011

Here we are in the new year and it’s time for my predictions of what will happen in the tech world this year.

  • The EU will come down hard on Google over it’s anti trust investigation
  • Facebook will go public (IPO)
  • Nokia will start selling Android based phones
  • Yahoo will shut down or sell more services
  • Steve Ballmer will step down or be fired as Microsoft’s CEO
  • WebOS will be back
  • RIM will be acquired
  • There will be no 4G/LTE iPhone this year
  • All major laptop manufactures will offer solid state drives
  • Net neutrality will become an important main stream issue

Predictions 2010 Review

It’s that time of the year again, here’s the review of my predictions for the year.

  • iTunes will have subscription music
  • Apple will roll out more MobileMe features (details)
  • Twiter will be purchased
  • The iPhone will allow background apps in a limited form (i.e music apps) (details)
  • The UK Internet Piracy bill will not get passed (details)
  • Google Voice will come to the UK
  • Google Wave will flop without a purpose (details)
  • UK telecom companies will start rolling out fiber on a large scale (details)
  • Microsoft will bring the Zune to the UK
  • The Apple Table will not launch (details)

Reeder for Mac (draft 3)

Today I got my hands on Reeder for Mac, a mac version of my favourite iPhone and iPad app for Google Reader. The overall design of the application lives up to the high standards set by the iPhone and improved upon by the iPad version.

The application is easy to use, fast and full of keyboard shortcuts. It is the only desktop app I’ve used that compares to Google Reader’s web interface and I may even start using it over the web UI all together.

I do like the built in web browser with preloading to quickly jump to the site for those that don’t provide full content in their RSS feeds.

The only draw back have is there’s no support for AppleScript or extensions to add more services and ways to share items but I’m sure this will be fixed before the final release or soon after in a point release.

So far there been no word on a release date or pricing although it will have to be very low inorder to compete with the free and feature rich Google web interface. You can grab the draft version for free from [email protected].

YOURLS Plugin: Skimlinks

I’ve been using YOURLS as a custom URL shortener for some time now and I’ve been using Skimlinks to monetize my site for a little longer but until now it was a long process to create short links with my affiliate codes embedded.

When YOURLS 1.5 came out with support for plugins I decided to build my own to push all links shortened there through Skimlinks to add an alternative revenue stream and automatically embed affiliate code in every supported URL I shorten, a lot easier that before.

I have also made the decision to to publish the plugin and licence to code under the GPL.

The plugin is incredibly simple and doesn’t get in the way. In fact setting up the plugin is the most complex part.

Setup and Installation

  1. Download the plugin
  2. open plugin.php in your chosen text editor
  3. change YOURURL to your Skimlinks custom URL or if you don’t have a custom one.
  4. change YOURID to your Skimlinks site ID (you can find this here, on your account setting page)
  5. save the file and upload the skimlinks folder to /user/plugins
  6. go to the plugins page in your YOURLS admin interface and activate the plugin

You can test if it works by entering one of your short URLS on and expnading the redirect details.

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