CodeRunner Review

CodeRunner is a relatively new comer to the code editor space and one of the few native applications and not building on on HTML and JavaScript.

Becuase of the native code CodeRunner is smooth, fast and never hangs no matter how many files are part of your project.

The number of files is key as CodeRunner will suggest functions from other files and classes which is huge in modern development. My typical web application has around 400 files with code spread across all of these and without any 1 file the application will not work.

All taken into account CodeRunner 2 is a great application for code editing and I have been a long time Sublime user. I will continue to use CodeRunner 2 for a long time to come.

SetApp Review

SetApp is the Netflix of mac apps. for $10 a month you get access to an ever growing list of applications – currently 72.

These include some big name apps like CleanMyMac, Blogo, Uylesses, Alternote, iStat Menus, RapidWeaver, Hype ands Screens to make just a few of them.

What about value?

Well that all depends on how many and exactly which apps you use. A lot of the 72 apps they currently have are only $10-20 to buy outright while others carry a $100 price tag.

In my personal case for the 3 apps I use from the bundle it will be cheaper to pay for SetApp over a year then to buy the apps and any updates that come along.

There are some glaring omissions from SetApp a lack of a really good task manager for one.

Over the next few months I will be reviewing a lot of the applications included in SetApp as they are all included in the bundle price and some of them look very interesting.

HazeOver Review

I work mostly at night and into the early hours of the morning, my office sits next to the bedroom and having the light on can be a huge distraction for the sleeping family during the hot summer nights when they leave doors open to allow air to flow through the house.

Working with the ligth off makes my giant iMac hard on the eyes even on the lowest brightness setting. Enter HazeOver.

HazeOver is a small and simple application that fades background applications and ulimitately makes your screen dimmer. At first I wasn’t sure I would like the application but over the week I used it for I came to grow found of it and even started using it during the day as it provides a greate way to focus without using the full screen.

There are times you have to turn it off for example when compairing 2 spreadsheets side by side but this is easily done from the menu bar. The application costs just £5 from the Mac App Store or you can get it as part of Setapp.

Blogo: Revisited

A while back I reviewed Blogo and found it had great potenial but lacked in a few key areas. Well Blogo has changed a lot over the last year and I felt it was time to revisit the application for another review.I really want to like Blogo hence my constant returns but every time it proves to fall just short of the mark in a number of areas.

What brought me back this time was Blogo Pro is included in Setapp (I’ll cover that in a future post) and as it is included I thought I’d take it for another spin. This time around the application seems to be a lot less buggy and the saving is fast and realible to my website.The editor hasn’t changed that much however it is more responsive and the formarting bar appears the second you require it. I think I will be sticking with Blogo for a while now.

Back to Dedicated

It was only last month I posted about how I used shared hosting for my personal sites now. Then comes the end of March and shared hosting failed me.

My time on A2 Hosting’s shared platform was fantastic and I can’t fault it for running a simple WordPress site. The let down came with a large scale custom web application I am working on that needs to communicate in real time with a new of API’s some that have very specific requirements – this is were the walled garden of shared hosting became a problem. Don’t get me wrong the shared server at A2 Hosting has more then enough power to handle the traffic levels I expected it just couldn’t do a number of features I had to have.

After a lot of research and digging around I decided to setup a server at Digital Ocean that could run all my sites on 1 box. Its not massive (1 core, 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD) and I don’t need a lot of power. I need root access to be able to set it up how I want.

I had always used Digital Ocean for development servers and testing but never production until last week. I have found their reliably second to none and bandwidth is always there when I need it.

Because Digital Ocean is aimed at developers for hosting complex applications they have a lot of powerful features including Block Storage (think second hard drives in your server), private networking and load balancers to build clusters and floating IP addresses so even if you shut down a server you can maintain its IP address for use on your next server.

Digital Ocean is VPS hosting levelled up.

Give it a try yourself and get $10 credit on new accounts on me.