Boutique Packaging

New Boutique Packaging for Photo Prints

New boutique packaging now available on photo prints in my gallery. Spend over $150 at gallery.mattytemple.com and the new beautiful packing is including for FREE, just select a 3-5 days or faster delivery in checkout.

Making the Site Faster

Just a quick note, that over the next month or so I am going to be changing cache settings, trying content delivery networks and other things to try and improve the recently slow speeds of the site. This is will involve down time, sometimes even slower page load times, out of date pages and missing images and files but it will all be worth it in the end.

If you experience problems with site chances are I know about it and you should try again in 5 or 10 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

Update (10/08/10): Over the night and into this morning the site was moved to a new provider, The Rackspace Cloud, who should be able to handle any traffic spikes and scale with me as my sites grow. I will provide a full review with reasons behind my diction soon. The content delivery network has yet to be implemented however the page load times are greatly improved and the network may not be needed.

(Helping a Brother) Psychology Experiment

Please spend a few minutes to complete this simple test.

  • This test consists of 20 quick questions and takes around 5 minutes to complete.
  • The test contains 6 different types of questions focused on Maths and English.
  • Please do not participate if you do not speak fluent English.
  • We ask that each participant completes the test once only.

For information on how your results will be used, the nature of the experiment or any other queries please email psychologystudy [at] hotmail.co.uk. If you would like to withdraw your results, please ask via the email and state the number you selected from the “Student” list.

We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity of your results and any emails you send or receive.

Follow this link and select any number from the “Student” list to begin.

Thank you for your time.

SBCA Newsletter Front and Back Cover

Spring Bank Community Association – Newsletter

Again while working for Spring Bank Community Association I was asked to produce a newsletter that would be circulated to all the homes in the local area.

The Main aim of the newsletter was to market the centre and the new things it’s been doing since the last newsletter some many months before.

A High Resolution PDF can be downloaded here.


Pro HDR for iPhone

When browsing around the app store one day I found Pro HDR, a photo app for making High Dynamic Range photographs.

So firstly what is HDR? HDR is a simple concept of taking multiple images at different exposures, merging them together to create an image that captures more of what is actually there.

This iPhone app does the same thing you take 2 images at different exposures and the app does the rest of the work.

When it comes down to it, Pro HDR can create some really beautiful pictures and also some crap.

It’s a very simple app and well worth the money if you have any interest in photography.

QuickOffice & Documents 2 for iPhone

The other day I needed to create a document on my iPhone and send it to a friend to finish off. So after a quick trip to the app store I found QuickOffice and Documents 2 which both have a way to create and edit documents in Microsoft Office formats.

The main difference is getting the files on and off the phone, both support the standard WIFI hard drive that many apps use but Documents 2 will upload and download Google Docs files were QuickOffice will upload and download to/from MobileMe’s iDisk.

So far QuickOffice is in the lead here as I can share the file from my phone with Apple’s MobileMe application and Google Docs mobile web app doesn’t allow me to share a document.

However as both are currently on offer with upto 50% off I got both and here’s my review of them.

Firstly Documents 2, it’s basic and simple which I like I don’t see myself tapping out full reports on the bus to work just maki small edits and the occasional paragraph or two. Documents 2 is great for just this with it’s support for Google Docs, but every time I upload a new version of the doc it creates a new file on the server instead of updating the old one.

QuickOffice has a powerful editor with styling tools and is a pleasure to use. In fact I’m going to go back on my statement about not writing full reports on my phone, I’ve written this post in QuickOffice and just touched up, spell checked, added images and posted from a computer.

With QuickOffice I can work from most places and just touch up when I get back to the desk Before sending stuff out full of daft mistake because the iPhones keyboard isn’t the beat and the auto correct can be more of a hindrance than a help.

I do like the simplicity of Documents 2 but the power of QuickOffice is so much better and as I have a MobileMe account the iDisk tools will do me fine although Dropbox would be better and whichever adds support for them might just win me.

Both these applications can edit and create spreadsheets as well but I didn’t buy them for that I haven’t tried or test this feature.

For now the one that has stayed on my phone is QuickOffice and until I see a major update in Documents 2 to fix a few little snags it will be the only one.