Microsoft Tag. QR Codes That Work

The other day Microsoft released a beta of a new service / mobile app call Microsoft Tag. Microsoft Tag is a small square image with random colours and shapes which when scanned with the cross platform mobile app can resolve links, text, phone numbers and more. Just like QR Codes.

Only this works, I’ve tried a number of QR Code readers on my phone and none of them work like this I just have to point the camera at the code and it reads it instantly, no processing and it doesn’t have to be perfectly lined up it, yes it even works at angles.

So why an I so excited about this? Well lately I’ve been working on a project that will include a small print newsletter been distributed and this will allow me to link deep with the site from such print publications.

No only that but been able to provide phone numbers and the ability to dial them quicker then you could ever tap then out. Or displaying coupon codes that can expire and resolve differently after a set date.

And it still gets better all the links and codes are tracked my Microsoft who provide stats on how my codes are performing, plus as all the codes link through the big boy I can change the destination of a code without changing to code, great for when it comes time to change the site.