Apple’s 2010 Music Event Summary

Today Apple held their annual music event where as predicted they announced a new line of iPods and a few other things.

One of the things that caught my attention was the new Apple TV. If your in the US you get Netfilx right of the box, not something I thought Apple would do but hey theres a first time for everything. Although the thing that got me interested was AirPlay with the new iOS 4.2 coming to the iPad in November your can stream content from your device to an Apple TV and start watching a video, listening to music or viewing photos on a big screen TV.

Plus it’s tiny.

Another advantage for those in the US is the new prices of HD TV shows starting a just $0.99 and first run movies will be $4.99 and go down as they get older. But with no on board storage renting the content is the only option without a computer to stream from.

The box itself has also had a price cut going from $299 to $99. The reason I’m not getting one films in the UK are £3.49 to rent, which is fine but TV shows are £3.99 and the box yea thats £99. Yes thats right £99.

They also announced a new retro iPod Shuffle with buttons, again but of course it’s smaller and lighter and just £39 ($49). The new iPod touch is also even thinner if thats possible and comes with the Retina Display, A4 processor and FaceTime. The iPod Nano has lost it’s buttons and is 46% smaller then its predecessor with a multitouch display.

Apple also claim the iPod touch is the number one portable gaming device in the world out selling both Nintendo and Sony combined.

And thats not all Apple also announced iTunes 10 with Ping a social network for music as well as iOS 4.1, coming next week for iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

iOS 4.1 features High Dynamic Range photography built right into the camera and they’ve added HD video uploads over WIFI, Game Center and TV show rentals.

iPad owners will get everything in 4.1 and 4.0 plus wireless printing and the previously mentions AirPlay in iOS 4.2 coming in November as a free update.

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