With my WIFI only iPad and a recent need to use it outside of home and work I needed to get some form of mobile broadband data solution. For which I turned to the Huawei E585 MiFi, while only available from 3 in the UK the price is very reasonable from only £49.99 on pay as you go.

The data speeds are better then I expected with downloads well over 3.5Mbps and uploads over 1.5Mbps

The device is very simple to use with only one button on the side, a power button, there is however a web based interface to access text messages and settings. I do recommend changing the SSID and encryption key and obviously add a admin password to protect your settings.

Apart from that little setup the device is ready to go out of the box after a little charge. On a full battery it’s good for about 5-6 hours of constant uses.

The predecessor E580 had 5 LED lights to provide you with the information you need to know about network connectivity and power and a Windows only control panel to change settings. The new E585 has a LCD display providing better and more detailed information such as how many devices are connected up to 5.

The data plans 3 offer are very good with 15GB of monthly data costing £20 a lot more than the almost standard 3GB for £15 that the major networks offer. The coverage of 3 is far better then most of the big networks in terms of data coverage, I’m yet to find a place with no connectivity.

Buying this allows me to connect my phone, laptop and iPad when on the go and I only need one data plan.