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(Helping a Brother) Psychology Experiment

Please spend a few minutes to complete this simple test.

  • This test consists of 20 quick questions and takes around 5 minutes to complete.
  • The test contains 6 different types of questions focused on Maths and English.
  • Please do not participate if you do not speak fluent English.
  • We ask that each participant completes the test once only.

For information on how your results will be used, the nature of the experiment or any other queries please email psychologystudy [at] If you would like to withdraw your results, please ask via the email and state the number you selected from the “Student” list.

We ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity of your results and any emails you send or receive.

Follow this link and select any number from the “Student” list to begin.

Thank you for your time.

Mystique2 Preview

Today I set to work putting the final touches to a WordPress theme I’ve been working on. Mystique2 is a modified version of Mystique featuring major rewrites to certain areas of the code to bring the latest WordPress features such as custom menus to the theme.

Version 1.0 is currently running on my site and although not released I do plan on publishing version 1.5 with support for more of the new WordPress 3 features in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

As a side note, I will be running maintenance every Tuesday and Friday on this site to update the theme and this will result in around 10 minutes downtime each night.



2do is a simple yet powerful iPhone task manager that will run you £2.99. With it’s beautiful interface, over the air sync and push notifications I thought I’d give it a try, as I was looking for something with over the air sync to replace Things as I never sync it when I need to.

The true power of 2do is the interface allowing you to quickly switch between tabs each of which can contain tasks related to a area or big project. Yes it does have support for projects with the tabs but I found creating a tab for some of my bigger projects and then breaking down to smaller projects (similar to Basecamp to-do lists) was easier and allowed me to get more done as I wasn’t faced with a massive list of to-dos.

As well as this advanced task management the app is prefect for everyday use and this is really shown by the default set of tabs and tasks designed to help you get started. The interface also has a few nice touches and animation like a pen striking through the items as you check them off. A very nice feature of the UI is drag and drop which more iPhone should have.

The app in itself is sophisticated enough not to need a desktop companion although one would be nice to save my phones battery, they do have a solution that sync’s with a web app but I find this unusable.

However I do have a few gripes with the application. Firstly, and the one that stops me containing to use the app, you can’t schedule tasks to show up on a set date. Some things I can’t do anything with until the end of the year for example, however these will show up on my list of things to do now.

The second is the sync, yes I still have to tell it to sync but this can be done over 3G and that’s not the problem here; the problem is it synchronises with Toodledo and if you have ever used the service you’ll know how painful it is to use. This in it’s self isn’t a deal breaker, I’m sure after a bit of searching I could find a native mac application that would also sync with the service but as I said above the deal breaker is not been able to schedule tasks.

So do I recommend 2do, yes if you want a basic task manager with some power but if you want more from a task manager then no the simplicity of 2do makes some advanced task management hard or impossible. As for me well I’m going to stay with Things for now.