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Ubuntu 10.04

On Thursday Ubuntu 10.04 was released to the world, this long term support version has a very different look and feel and yes it can still give the big boys a run for their money.

In fact the only thing stopping me running it as a full second computer is I don’t have the hardware. The system does everything you expect a modern operating system todo with a few nice extra’s like Ubuntu One.

When I downloaded the 700 MB ISO file it took are 2 hours due to server load on the release date, now today your download times may be a more what you expect but to ease the strain I have made the ISO for the 32bit desktop version available to download from here.

Once I downloaded the disk image I attempted to install it as virtual machine, which worked fine but I could type in the VM so login on proved a little difficult. So I tried to run the system in a VM from the live CD without installing.

Apart from VMWare not working for me the new version ubuntu is faster, simple and packed with the features most everyday users would want and the powerful linux stuff for the hacker in me.

The guys have also made an effort to cater for new users with instant messaging built right into the operating system and the new Ubuntu One online storage/sync services are perfect for anyone with more than one Ubuntu based computer. They have also built in a new music store, think iTunes for Linux, the Ubuntu One Music Store.

Do I Recommend Ubuntu, of course it’s free and as long as you don’t want to to do any heavy graphic/video editing they’ll be some software out there for you and normally for free.

SBCA Newsletter Front and Back Cover

Spring Bank Community Association – Newsletter

Again while working for Spring Bank Community Association I was asked to produce a newsletter that would be circulated to all the homes in the local area.

The Main aim of the newsletter was to market the centre and the new things it’s been doing since the last newsletter some many months before.

A High Resolution PDF can be downloaded here.