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iPhone OS 4.0 (beta) First Impressions

I’ve been playing around and using iPhone OS 4.0 over the weekend and find it to be much better, apart from a few bugs and applications not supporting the new developer features yet the update is welcome. The first thing I noticed however was a bug that prevents me from connecting to my home 802.11n WIFI.

The new folders have allowed me to cut the number of pages from 12 to 5 with everything nicely organized into the type of application. The multitasking is a feature I’ve been long awaiting although at the moment none of the third party apps support it as Apple isn’t accepting OS 4.0 apps to the App Store a the moment.

If you use more than one mail account on the iPhone, like I do, the new unified inbox will be more than welcome. With iPhone OS 3.0 I would get an email and wonder where it was this was because the message wasn’t sent to the account for my current mailbox, now I get everything from all 3 accounts in one inbox I can get through email so much faster on the phone and don’t put things off until I can get to a computer.

The Mail application now also offer different sizes when sending images, allowing you the choice of send or quality. The iPod has a new album page, Messages now has an optional character count and there are some more subtle, nice little changes.

With beta 2 just around the corner hopefully these little quirks will be worked out.