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Dlo - Futuristic Entertainment

Futuristic Entertainment

Futuristic Entertainment are a small record label with a few artists who approached me via a friend to create a WordPress powered site for them to support a store as well as corporate and artist pages.

When I started the project the logo wasn’t available and was later designed and added by a third party after the development had finished.


Spring Bank Community Association – Invoice

While working for Spring Bank Community Association I also redesigned the invoice to incorporate the new letter head.


Spring Bank Community Association – Letter Head

While working for Spring Bank Community Association I also redesigned the letter head for a more professional corporate feel


Spring Bank Community Association – Name Badges

While working for Spring Bank Community Association I also designed name badges for all members of staff.


Spring Bank Community Association

While working for Spring Bank Community Association I was tasked with building and maintaining a basic site for them.

I chose to build the site on top of WordPress, for the powerful platform to develop on but the simple backend UI for anyone to be able to update with very little training.

The main aims for the site were to provide an online presence for the charity with online room bookings, registration and more.


Sony DSLR Alpha 230 (A230)

The other day I purchased a Sony Alpha 230 DSLR camera to help me become a better photographer. The camera was a brilliant buy I didn’t read many reviews, I just asked the very friendly staff (yes, in a brick and mortar store) for a camera that would fit my needs.

The 10 Megapixel camera with the 18-55mm (SAL-1855) kit lens takes some quite impressive photos, and even better photos when you move away from the preset options.

 The simple user interface and power the camera provides make it prefect for a novice to pick up and use, now yes I knew a little about aperture, exposure etc. but even a good friend of mine could use it in a semi-auto mode after about a 2 minute demo.

As for speed I was surprised, it’s quick at turning on, focusing, taking the photo and processing/storing a RAW + JPEG pair. And you might be pleased to know this camera does support SDHC cards as well as Sony’s Memory Stick format.

The build quality is about right for Sony, a good weight, not to heavy, with rubber grips making the body feel sturdy and well built but the lens feels a little ‘plasticee’. 

It’s a very versatile camera perfect for everyday use on holidays and such. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in photography and wants to go to the next level from a point and shoot.

Available at • Jessops • Comet • Currys • Amazon