The years up and it’s time again to look back and see how I did when predicting what would happen this year.

At thebeginningof the year I predicted:

  • Windows 7 will be released (details)
  • Android will overtake the iPhone in market share  (nowhere near)
  • More ISP’s will limit monthly data transfer (details)
  • Portable GPS will be (almost) replaced by Smart phones (and in-dash GPS) just as they did the MP3 player  (all msot)
  • Someone will buy Yahoo (sort of)
  • Twitter will start making money (but they do have a plan)
  • Netbooks will have built in 3G wireless Internet access (details)
  • Google will start to monetize YouTube  (details)
  • More DRM servers will be switched off (not that I heard of)
  • Hulu will launch in the UK  (next year)