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Content Site

This was designed and developed exclusively for my portfolio on Sunday afternoon whilst waiting for the football. I have posted the only page I built, but it’s enough to get the point across.


I’ve been using Espresso as my web development environment and love it, but recently I wanted something more than just a web development application. I wanted a powerful text editor with all the features of a full dedicated web development app as well as the ability to right and suggest other coding language’s.

It didn’t take long until I found something that might fit the bill, BBEdit claims to have all of this and more packaged into one every nice app.

It allows me to build complex site’s with many pages and other files and I don’t have to keep track of where they all go as BBEdit will do that for me with it powerful collections in the project manager.

The other killer feature for me is the time it saves me when righting standard text documents with its built in dictionary suggesting words as I type so I don’t have to type every letter, saving me a lot of time.

BBEdit also takes the text editor a step further for developer’s with built in support for CVS and SVN source control.

I have a feeling this powerful yet simple editor could be the one for me.