For about 2 months now I’ve been following David Alans Getting Things Done (GTD) program, and here are my thoughts.

While writing everything down worked for a week or so, I have now slipped into a kind of inbox zero way of processing tasks, if it can be done now with no or minimal effort then do it else I add it to my lost of things to do.

Now the software I use is Things on both Mac and iPhone and it works perfectly with the way I now manage my tasks. Not only does it allow me to do scheduled but repeating tasks like sync the to clients at the end of everyday. The apps are very simple yet powerful enough to manage entire projects with hundreds of tasks each. I’ll be posting a full detailed review of Things for Mac and iPhone in the coming weeks.

Does GTD give me more time and less stress? Well that’s 2 questions so let’s start with the latter.

I didn’t have that much stress to start with but for some of my big projects I having been getting stressed as much as normal and meeting deadlines is getting less and less of a problem.

Time, yes I defiantly have more of that, much more. I’ve started taking on bigger projects while also having time to sit down and watch TV not sort of watch it while working on something.