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I recently started using Smugmug to host my photos and videos in one place where the full resolution files can be accessed in case I ever want them back. The other reason was I wanted one place I can send people to get everything.

I choose Smugmug because it offers full 1080p video uploads and the gallery designs look great without any effort needed to change them.

At first I didn’t think I took enough photos and video to really take advantages of Smugmug’s offering. But once I started the 14 day trial I started taking more and more photos of everything.

The only thing I would like from them is the ability to embed a HD video instead of just the web and DVD versions.

They also offer plugins for a selection of photo managers on both Windows and Mac as well as desktop uploaders for both platforms. Of course they have a browser based uploader, ideal for uploading at work and using business level internet speeds.

They also have an iPhone app for uploading them images of random things you see on the go.

The video quality is outstanding even at the web quality (DVD below) and the HD is stunning.

The service is fast for both uploading and viewing which is a major tick box for me. I want users to be able the use the services as fast as possible without taking forever to add new content

Before I used Picasa Web Albums for photos and Vimeo for video but now having one place that makes everything look beautiful makes my life easier and simple.

And as bonus if you signup using KaxUuEHSdZTDM in the ‘Email / Coupon’ field you will save $5, I know not much but it’s something.

Update: Sign up via the iPhone app and get 50% off your first year.

Spotify for iPhone

On Monday Apple let the Spotify iPhone app into the app store and me been me I jumped at it.

The app requires a Stopify premium subscription but it’s worth the £10 a month thanks to the 4 million tracks I now carry around in my pocket.

I have been a premium member for a month or two now and found it worth the money without the iPhone app, I would easily spend £10 a month on music before now I have most of the music I want in high quality without having the backup and manage.

The iPhone app does stream the full 320Kbps available to premium users on teh desktop but it does do the lower 160Kbps which is a fair trade off.

The songs start playing almost instantly over 3G and WIFI, the app won’t really work over Edge and GPRS but for them time and others when you have no data network the they let you download play lists to the phone for offline playback.

Of course streaming music does have an impact on the battery but I still managed to go a day while listening to music as I normally would.

The one thing I wish the app would do is scrobble to like the desktop counter part.

The are also a few bugs were streaming doesn’t pickup again after you lost data coverage. But for a 1.0 (0.3.19 actually) it’s great.

In with the Old

I have finally got round to importing all of my old blog content from WordPress into Squarespace. All the old link will now forward to the new URL structure.

The process only took a few minutes to complete but because I used summaries in WordPress it ment I had to remove them first in order to import the full content.

The images should start showing up shortly.