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Facebook for iPhone 3.0

Facebook’s new iPhone app was submitted to the app store early Sunday morning and today details of what it includes have started to trickle out.

Let’s start with the latest news to come out, what’s new:

  • See all your upcoming event and RSVP to them
  • See your friends birthdays
  • see pages and update the pages you own
  • Write and read notes from your friends
  • Upload videos (iPhone 3GS only)
  • Upload photos to any album and complete photo managment
  • Like photos and posts
  • Get a full news feed
  • Search for people and pages
  • Make friend requests and become a fan of pages
  • Call and text your friends
  • and more

Joe Hewitt, the guy that created the app also posted some screen shots of the app in action.

Hosting with Squarespace

I recently moved from a self hosted WordPress install to Squarespace for a move reliable hosting experience and I chose Squarespace for the ease of use, reliable grid style hosting and speed.

However this move did come at a price, previously I had email included with my Godaddy hosting but with Squarespace no email is provided. There is a simple free solution to this, Google Apps provide free email, calendar, docs and sites to people with their own domain. Which is a barging as before I only had email with 10MB of space per account now I have all the features of GMail with 7GB of space per account.

The other things I lose is the ability to write and test custom PHP code. My solution, as none of this code is ever intending to be public I setup a LAMP stack on an old computer I had kicking around which provides me with a much more secure way to test projects knowing no one can find the pre-release version before I’m ready.

The move also brought the one strong point that made my decision, the most powerful WYSIWYG editor I’ve ever used. Not only does the Squarespace editor produce very nice, clean code for the page contents it also allows me to edit every aspect of the sites theme.

The Squarespace solution also allows me to forget about back ups and maintenance as the guys over there do it all for me. Now that’s big and lets me concentrate on running my site not the server and this plus the brilliant WYSIWYG editor only costs about $2 more than I was paying before.

Why I moved to Squarespace?

I am currently in the process of moving from a self-hosted WordPress install to Squarespace for a number of reasons and the main one is reliability. I used to host my WordPress install on Godaddy and loved it at first but lately I noticed the site was going down a lot and when it was up it was slow and all most unusable.

The other reasons for the move are for easy of use, less headaches and late nights up coding.

Although Squarespace costs more I feel it’s worth it for the above mentioned points and this may seem mad but I’m also going to be running less ads, just one Google ad in the sidebar. This is because I don’t run this site to make money the only reason I run ads here is to get back a little something for the time and money put in.

All the content on the old site will be lost as I don’t plan on bringing any of it forward, yes I am taking this opportunity to start from scratch with a nice clean database and system to keep things speedy.